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March 26 2020 Sandra Lockhart and Terri
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Radio Interview with Mark Hunter of Coastal Broadcasting for their segment, Homeland Heroes.

If you are in need of food, or know someone who is, please call Branches at 609-886-5091. It has come to our attention that we are not on the list of food banks for the county. We are operating as a food bank at the present time. We are open Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 9-1. You can stop by to pick up a box of food, or leave a message and we will bring it to you if you don't have transportation. We are here to serve the community at this very difficult time. Please be in touch!


This link is to the article that appeared on the front page of The Herald on May 19. It explores the plight of the homeless during the pandemic. Thank you Bill Barlow for writing such an informative article.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Theresa Mascione · June 11 at 12:19 PM ·

Consider being a part of this great organization. A Voice for the Homeless! This group of volunteers started our Emergency Fund. This fund enables us to provide housing, prescriptions, bus tickets, plane tickets, ID's and many other services for those less fortunate.

I just came from a meeting of A VOICE FOR THE HOMELESS. It was clear, after reviewing some of the needs, we need help. Your help.

We are advocates for the homeless. Their needs must be revealed now to our County' leadership and the voters in our County

The needs: mental health support, adequate temporary housing, distribution of the Homelessness Trust Fund money, overcoming obstacles to social services.

Required: research county and township budgets, research public vagrancy laws, letter writing, educating ourselves about bail reform, attending meetings as observers; attending our once monthly meeting for support and idea sharing.

WHEN: Second Thursday of month, 10 :00 am. We meet via Zoom these days.

IF INTERESTED: Send email to me at hnblair@msn.com.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart ·

What a truly AWESOME day for donations at Branches. Thank you Deb Sweeney and the good folks from the Elks 1896 in North Wildwood for the beautiful fresh fruit. It is such a treat for those who don't have access to fresh produce. We so appreciate that you continue to supply us with fresh fruit on a regular basis 🙏🥇🍎🍓🍇❤️.
St. Peter's United Methodist Church in Ocean City, thank you so much for all of the Hormel meals! They are such a great item for us to be able to give our folks who only have a microwave. You have been our partner in this effort for a long time now and we are truly grateful 🙏❤🙏.
Thank you Ed for coming by with 5 bags of much needed supplies.
Yacht Club of Stone Harbor, many thanks for working with the local realtors to collect food items left behind by renters. What a really great thing to do. Not only do you save food from being thrown in the trash, but you bring it to Branches where it can be passed on to those in need.
During these most difficult times for so many, it is reassuring to know that there are good folks who care about those without. We are blessed.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · 4d ·

Yes, that's pineapple. Really delicious pineapple. Thank you #chillinpineapple located on the boardwalk in Wildwood. Check them out for all of your favorite summertime treats.
Thank you as well Dawn Bryson for your amazing donation and to all of the good folks who helped with your effort. St. Brendan the Navigator, you are the best. Thank you Rosemary and your husband who delivered so many much needed supplies.
Branches is providing 50 boxes of food a week to those in need. Each box feeds from 1-7+ people. As a result, we are once again running low on supplies. We are in need of the following items: pasta and pasta sauce, juice, cereal, hot dogs, mayo, bread, jelly, canned beef stew, Hormel meals, size 3 diapers and canned pasta (ravioli, spaghetti o's, etc.)
As always, thank you for partnering with Branches in an effort to serve those without. We are blessed!

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · July 9 ·

A big Branches "thank you" to Michele McCauley Barbieri for your very special gift to the children living in local motels. You are🥇in our book. While we are doubtful that we will be able take the kids to the water park this year, because of Covid, we will create an event for them centered around your gifts. 😎👭❤️👬🏖😍. The kids will be so excited. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.❤️
And then there's St. Peter's Church in Ocean City. Many, many thanks for all of the much needed supplies you delivered yesterday. You have been our faithful partner in caring for those in need for some time now. We are so grateful ❤💒❤️.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · July 6 ·  While we are truly grateful for all the donations we receive, PLEASE be kind enough not to bring us anything with an expired date. We check the dates on everything we receive. We do not want to make anyone ill that receives food from Branches. Thank you!

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · July 2 ·

We are so grateful for all of the donations that came pouring in yesterday. Please forgive us if we fail to acknowledge you or get something wrong. We try very hard to thank all the wonderful folks who keep us supplied with everything we need to serve those without ❤.
From yesterday, a very big Branches "Thank You" to George, who is so faithful to our mission and Lisa, another of our faithful. Lisa keeps up with the needs of children, as well as our women guests. The Avalon Lions came by with so many of the things that we needed. And then there is the Cape May Wawa. We received 50 really great Wawa hoagies from them 🥖. There were others who left donations on our outside table. We appreciate each and every one of you.
Branches will be closed on Friday. Our Friday distributions were taken care of on Wed.
We hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend 🇺🇸. Please stay safe. You are very important to us.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · June 28 ·

It seems as if the longer the Covid crisis continues, the more demand there is for food for those in need. It must feel as if we are always asking for something and truth be told, we are. However, we exist to serve those in need in our community and you have been our very generous partners in that effort.
We are very low on the following items: size 4 and 6 diapers, tuna, water, canned fruit, peanut butter, jelly, hot dogs and hot dog rolls, mayo, cereal, spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, fresh fruit, juice, bread, canned stew and Hormel meals.
We are so very grateful for your support of our mission at Branches. Many, many thanks ❤️.

Thank you Liam, Maeve and Mommy for the Blessing bags.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · June 22 ·

Our wonderful volunteers who deliver food for our Mobile Food Ministry were treated to snakes and salamanders today as some of our favorite kids were eager to show off their finds!
We are filling many food orders on a regular basis and as a result we are running low on the following items: bread, Hormel meals, mayo, spaghetti sauce, pork and beans, cereal, juice, mac and cheese, Dinty Moore beef stew and size 6 diapers. If you are coming our way and could drop off any of these items, we would be most grateful.
We want to extend a very big thank you to Rosemary from St. Brendan the Navigator, to the kind woman who left us well supplied with hot dogs and rolls and as always to Lenny, our sandwich guy. Your support of our mission at Branches is deeply appreciated.

The Branches Center of Rio GrandePublished by Sandra Lockhart · June 13 at 5:53 AM ·

Our terrific volunteers Joanne and Becky showing off the new sign for Branches Mobile Food Ministry. Twice a week they travel out into the community to deliver food to those in need. They always stop at the local motels where families live. Many relationships have developed as a result of this ministry.
The Branches Mobile Food Ministry is a partnership between Branches and Our Lady of Angels Church in Cape May Court House.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · June 17 at 5:40 PM ·

There are so many good folks who support our mission at Branches. Today we would like to say a special "thank you" to George C. He has faithfully supported us in many different ways. This morning he pulled up in front of Branches with a car full of much needed supplies. We are most grateful for all you do for us!

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · June 5 at 6:06 PM ·

We are so sorry, but we missed the name of the very kind woman who dropped off supplies for the kids in the motels today. We think the supplies came from a primary school in Upper Twp. Wherever they came from, they were a huge hit with the kids. Many thanks!
Thank you once again Lenny Cantanoso for the wonderful deli sandwiches. What a treat! Lenny arrives every Friday, with no fanfare and very quietly delivers 2 boxes of deli sandwiches, along with chips. Our folks love them 😍. You are the best!

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · June 4 at 6:33 AM ·

Yesterday, some really great folks came by Branches. Lydia and her granddaughter Kirsten brought us bag lunches, each containing a personal message. Such a loving thing to do during these troubled times. Anyone receiving one of these lunches will surely feel a sense of hope and know that someone truly cared about them. Thank you ladies!
Our good friend Lisa brought us bags of toys made specially for the kids who live in the motels. We wanted to take a picture, but as fast as they came in they were on their way to the kids. BTW, they loved them! Lisa also brought us cosmetic bags filled with all kinds of personal care products for our female clients. She has been doing this for some time now and they are always appreciated. Thank you Lisa!
For those of you who are unaware, Branches in partnership with Our Lady of Angels Church in CMCH, does a Mobile Food Ministry, which serves the motels in the area where families live. Every week these families receive food boxes, each designed with the size of the family in mind. Great relationships have developed between the families and our volunteers. Thank you Joanne Kelly and the volunteers who faithfully oversee this important ministry ❤.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Sandra Lockhart · May 30 at 7:07 AM ·


COVID-19 has impacted us all. Many have become ill, some have lost their jobs and as a result have fallen on hard times. Everyone has a story.
The very talented musical performers of the Cape May area have always supported our mission at Branches and we are grateful. Their concerts have benefitted us over the years.
Sadly, this group of talented musicians cannot perform in public at the present time. However, we can still enjoy their music by means of virtual concerts. They even receive tips from appreciative fans. Many of these performers have designated their tips for Branches.
Well, it's time for us to support this giving and dedicated community of musicians. Please check out @Virtually Cape May Happy Hour Series. You will be thrilled to find that you can still follow your favorite performers from the comfort of you own living room. So, grab your favorite beverage, pull up a chair and tune in. Don't forget the tips, they depend on them!
Let's support this great group of folks, who have faithfully supported Branches over the years 🎼🎹🎸🥁🎤😍