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The Branches Center is active daily on Facebook posting needs, thanks, news, events and fundraisers.

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March 26 2020 Sandra Lockhart and Terri
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Radio Interview with Mark Hunter of Coastal Broadcasting for their segment, Homeland Heroes.

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Congratulations to The Branches and Thank you to The Impact Club of Cape May County for choosing The Branches to be a recipient of Event 15 in August 9, 2020 

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Presentation by Sandra Lockhart and Terri Mascione to The Impact Club August 6, 2020

If you are in need of food, or know someone who is, please call Branches at 609-886-5091. It has come to our attention that we are not on the list of food banks for the county. We are operating as a food bank at the present time. We are open Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 9-1. You can stop by to pick up a box of food, or leave a message and we will bring it to you if you don't have transportation. We are here to serve the community at this very difficult time. Please be in touch!


This link is to the article that appeared on the front page of The Herald on May 19. It explores the plight of the homeless during the pandemic. Thank you Bill Barlow for writing such an informative article.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Published by Theresa Mascione · June 11 at 12:19 PM ·

Consider being a part of this great organization. A Voice for the Homeless! This group of volunteers started our Emergency Fund. This fund enables us to provide housing, prescriptions, bus tickets, plane tickets, ID's and many other services for those less fortunate.

I just came from a meeting of A VOICE FOR THE HOMELESS. It was clear, after reviewing some of the needs, we need help. Your help.

We are advocates for the homeless. Their needs must be revealed now to our County' leadership and the voters in our County

The needs: mental health support, adequate temporary housing, distribution of the Homelessness Trust Fund money, overcoming obstacles to social services.

Required: research county and township budgets, research public vagrancy laws, letter writing, educating ourselves about bail reform, attending meetings as observers; attending our once monthly meeting for support and idea sharing.

WHEN: Second Thursday of month, 10 :00 am. We meet via Zoom these days.

IF INTERESTED: Send email to me at hnblair@msn.com.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande  Oct 11, 2020

It was a special week at Branches. We made some new friends. Thank you "Faces of Autism" for your donation of pull ups and toilet paper.

Thanks as well to Jumbo's on the Wildwood boardwalk for all of your closing for the season left overs, delivered by the First United Methodist Church of Courthouse. We are grateful. We just love the name of the new group that brought us lots and lots of cereal...Cape May County Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine. Thank you ladies . We continue to be blessed by old friends and new. So are so grateful to all.

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Oct 11, 2020

This is one very special little girl with a very big heart . We love that at such a young age she is aware of those in need and
wants to help. Savanna Hope thank you for helping Branches feed so many hungry people. We are so proud of you .
Great job Mom and Dad.

October 4, 2020 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the generous folks who responded to our post requesting much needed supplies. Thanks to you, our shelves are fully stocked again. We wish we could name each of you personally. Sometimes we are just not aware of who is dropping off. However, there are some people we can thank by name.

                                            Pictured is Chris from Ocean Isle Camping Resort and his nephew Logan who dropped off                                                      boxes and baskets full of supplies, collected from Ocean Isle, Seaville Shores and Plantation                                                    Campground. Thanks to all who contributed and to Chris and Logan for making it possible.                                                    Great job .

                                            The Pickle Ball Group from Stone Harbor Yacht Club and our special group of ladies
are among                          our most generous and faithful .

                                            Thank you to the kind woman who gave us a $100 gift card to Acme, as well as Tracy,
Joanne                                and Joan from Downingtown .

                                            Green Street Market came by just before closing on Fri. with lots of great things.

                                            It was wonderful to see the Beyers again. As usual, they had a car full for us .

Roseann Karter stopped by with lots and lots of chips from her restaurant that is closing for the winter .

Kay Turney made us some wonderful, warm hats to share with our folks as winter approaches .

We are embarrassed to say that we misplaced the name of the lovely lady who brought us hospital grade masks and mats. We sure can put them to good use .

Things are getting more difficult for folks every day. We are trying our best to keep up with the need. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this effort. We are truly blessed !

The Branches Center of Rio Grande  Sept 13, 2020

As you can see, some of our shelves are bare. As predicted things are are getting more difficult for a lot of people. We are glad that they are turning to Branches for help. That's why we are here! However, it means that we are turning to our faithful supporters more often, asking for donations. We could not keep up with the demand, were it not for you. We are in need of the following items: granola bars, jelly, bread, Chef Boyardee, juice, mayo, mac and cheese, spaghetti sauce, pork and beans, hot dogs, bottled water, canned beef stew and fresh fruit.

Many thanks to all who read our posts and respond so generously. We are blessed.

Sept. 13, 2020  We are very happy to report that Gerry Terry's Italian Market is now open. They came by this week with some of their really spectacular Italian food for us to share with our folks. Check out their menu. It's pretty amazing @gerryterrysitalianmarket

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Sept 13, 2020

The good folks from the pickle ball group at the Stone Harbor Yacht Club are doing an amazing job of                    keeping us supplied with many of the things that we use on a regular basis. You are helping to feed                        lots of hungry people. Many, many thanks .

The Branches Center of Rio Grande Sept 13, 2020

St. Peter's Church in Ocean City, you are just the best . You keep us well supplied with Hormel meals. They are perfect for our folks that only have access to a microwave. And, this week you delivered an abundance of school supplies . Be assured that they will be put to good use. Thank you for being our faithful partner .